Rise of the Runelords

Session One: Festival and Fire

The circus is in town!!!

The Great Gumgageee Circus was contracted to perform in Sandpoint as the town celebrated the Swallowtail festival. After arriving in town the day before the group visits the local establishments for food and fun. One of the highlights being Javiers many attempts to drink for Nora’s tank at the hangfish. Where the proprietor Jargie promises a purse and bragging rights to anyone who can down the filthily slimy water.

The next day the group celebrates with the town, speeches were heard, games were played and delicious food was consumed all while the great gumgagiees tantalized the townsfolk with exerpts of the upcoming show promising a night to remember.

As evening progressed Father Zantus took the stage to begin the dedication of the new Cathedral. When suddenly the peace was torn when a screams and a strange raspy song filled the air. Goblins began to pour out of every crack and crevice of the town and the towns folk panicked.

Luckily our group was capable of more then just a good show and they made quiick work of two groups of goblins themselves while others townsfolk rounded up others. As the battle slowed down the group heard the franctic screams of a man and his dying dog and rushed to see what was up There they found Aldern Foxglove huddled behind some rain barrels. The group went again into action going up against a mounted goblin and his three warriors. The battle was fierce and the great fighter went down for a short time the group prevailed and defeated the Goblin Commando and his strange rat like mount.

Aldern was ecstatic about his rescue and attempted to lavish praise upon his resucuers but it was not well taken. Even so he invited them to meet him at the Rusty Dragon where he would reward them more properly.

Over the next day the group was greeted as heroes. Drinks, and food and challenges all around. Finally they met again at the rusty dragon where once again Aldern Foxglove praised them and gave them many rewards. Even inviting them on a Boar Hunt.

After planning the hunt the group was approached by Sheriff Hemlock who told them that something had gotten into one of the vaults in the bone yard and he needed there aid in investigating it. However the group was licking there wounds from the battle with the goblins and refused aid to the Sheriff which ultimately ended in the death of another town guard and Father Zantus being hurt badly.

The next morning Demetri and Zeldana were able to smooth things over with the Father and all was well with him after administering a cure spell.

Later the hunt was on and as the hunt went over hill and dale advancing on the Tickwood the group was chatted up but the charming Aldern Foxglove. Though his charm is great he seemed almost to obsess over your group. Trying to emulate and learn from you, how perhaps to “be a hero” himself.

In the tickwood you brought a boar to bay and after a deadly battle with it, the group slewing and brought it back to the Rusty Dragon where Aldern in his charming and flamboyant style declared a feast in honor of the fallen.

Character Creation!

We met on 4/14/13 and built our characters for the upcoming online roll20 Rise of the Runelords campaign.

A group template of Circus Performers was decided upon and the following Characters were built.

Ammy Dragon Bloodline Sorcerer
Jordan Catfolk Barbarian adopted by the Shoanti Sun Tribe
Bryon Shoanti Sun Tribe Fighter
Eric Varisian Oracle
Aaron Elven Spelldancer (Magus)


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